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Class Desciptions


Pilates for Men

Pilat-ease Gentle Pilates

Post Natal Pilates


Pilates is not just for women anymore! With this intense core workout, you will feel the burn during and after class. The added benefit for men is extra stretching for your hip area, legs, and back. You will kick start your day with this class feeling taller, leaner, and more in control. Rejuvenate mid-week with this 55 minute matwork class. We lengthen the body and strengthen the core, running through a routine focused on improving posture and heightening the mind/body awareness. Balance is a major factor in this class, working on the smaller muscle groups that help you stay on an even keel. Finishing with a deep stretch session your body will thank you for coming to this class. Come rediscover your body, with your baby beside you. You will regain your pelvic floor control and wake up your abdominal core. This class will strengthen your back and give you tools to help with heavy lifting to ease back pain. Bring your babies with you, meet other new moms, and focus on yourself.

Small Group Training

Intermediate Level
with Props

Private / On-site Sessions

This class is for strength training junkies that never get those muscles stretched! We’ll keep your heart rate up and challenge your balance, coordination, and stamina. Don’t forget your abs, you’ll need to pick those up off the floor before you leave. Adding props to this matwork class will increase the muscular challenge, making you feel muscles you forgot were there. You will learn improved balance and coordination, while challenging your stamina. Work up a sweat with this up-tempo class and finish off with a cool down that will recharge you to start your day. Jennifer is available for private and small group sessions throughout the week. During these sessions you will be given personal attention and the tools to understand how to modify movements that will work for your body. Jennifer is also available for on-site corporate events and classes. Healthy Body Pilates offers conditioning classes for athletes in all sports. Golf, tennis, baseball, hockey, soccer, lacrosse - you name it, you will benefit and improve with the core strength and the balance training that Pilates can give you.

* Please bring a Pilates Mat (1/2” thick foam) for the comfort of your back and a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated during class.

Contact Jennifer for Schedule & Rates.